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CEM’s contract with the University to process teaching and course evaluations finished at the end of Semester 2, 2015.

Please email with any enquiries or future teaching and course evaluation requests.

College Comparisons and Course Averages

College Comparison - Course and Teaching School / Department - Courses only
2015 Full year (PDF, 115KB) Full year (PDF, 415KB)
2014 Full year (PDF, 113KB) Full year (PDF, 458KB)
2013 Full year (PDF, 113KB)

Full year (PDF, 216KB)

2012 Full year (PDF, 90KB) Full year (PDF, 1.3MB)
2011 Full year (PDF, 94KB) Full year (PDF, 393KB)
2010 Full year (PDF, 74KB) Full year (PDF, 460KB)